About Us

A Simple Intro

Information gathered from Critical analysis and experience with the local automobile market in Nigeria, shows that the challenges faced with local automobile dealership in Nigeria needs a strict platform and this is very crucial and important to auto mobile industries.

The local dealers source for car owners who want to sell cars on other websites or other platforms and reach out to the sellers or owners and boom, business has began, but the questions about the source and legitimacy of the vehicle is also questioned. In a nutshell the questions asked by individual car owners buyers and sellers are, Whom am I buying from? who am I selling for? And finally who am I selling to? For this reason, AMP decided to build this platform called Auto Market Place.

AMP platform is not after the crowd but to build a platform where legitimate car dealers, entrepreneurs or business men/women can transact. AMP has integrated an automatic account blockade system so as to flush out or reduce unserious individual car owners, car dealers or buyers.

How It Works?

Simply put, purchase at your own price.

Create account

It only takes a minute to have an account with which you can post, pledge or even resell a vehicle.


Add as much items as you can OR pledge against any that interests you.

Take Ownership

Connect and make arrangements with the seller.

Are you ready to sell that vehicle?

Create a post about your vehicle and get a chance to sell it at a price higher than anticipated.